No Design Limitations.


The Blueprint Method is highly flexible. As long as wood is your primary building material, we are confident we can build your project. Our robotics allow us to precisely and quickly execute your project.


Fewer Headaches.


With our integrated engineering approach, we greatly simplify the way you do business. In just a matter of days, we use our robotics to construct the wall, floor and roof elements of your project in a panelized form. Our custom-made elements include exterior sheathing, insulation, windows and in-wall plumbing and electrical systems.

Assembled on your foundation by our expertly trained crews, the structure will be up and weathertight significantly faster than by traditional building methods.

Once the structure is in place, you install your HVAC system and the Blueprint Robotics team connects the electrical and plumbing systems back to the public service.


Faster with cost certainty.


Blueprint Robotics delivers your project at a pre-agreed upon price on a schedule that works for you. Your overall project can be completed significantly faster and with a higher degree of cost certainty than traditional building methods.