The Floor and Roof Lines


We use an open-webbed joist for most of our floor applications; for special purposes we’ll use an I-joist or dimensional lumber. We like the open-webbed joist because if there is a retrofit issue you can easily fish any electrical or plumbing apparatus through the web. We have the ability to deliver a very stout floor and you should take advantage of that.

We slide the pre-cut joists into the specific locations controlled by a computer driven pin-table that ensures the precise location of each joist. The rim board is already routed to give us a complete connection with the joist. With the joists in-place, using a CNC bridge, we fasten the sub-floor, and rout or cut any openings for fixtures, chases or stair openings.. Our preferred sub-floor material is AdvanTech. Huber Zip is our preferred roof sheathing. Once sheathed the floor and roof panels are then ready for the installation of any electrical and plumbing systems followed by insulation.

Completed roof and floors panels are wrapped and placed on horizontal pallets for transportation -- again packaged in the correct sequence for installation.