The Blueprint Method

The Blueprint Method utilizes a fully integrated engineering approach to quickly and efficiently execute your project with exceptional precision and cost certainty.

Architecture and Engineering

We work with your architect and engineering team to execute your design using our coordinated manufacturing approach. By virtually constructing your project prior to manufacturing, we eliminate risks that can surface once construction begins in traditional building methods

Off-Site Manufacturing

Once your designs are finalized, we convert your project to machine files that drive our state-of-the-art robotic equipment. By working in a climate-controlled facility, we remove the risk of weather related delays and can quickly manufacture your project to be reliably delivered on your schedule


We deliver your project components using a standard sized over-the-road trailer, eliminating the need for oversized transportation requirements

On-Site Installation

The Blueprint Method is compatible with any traditional foundation solution. Upon your completion of the foundation, we can begin the installation of your project.

With our highly trained crews, we assemble your project to a watertight condition in a fraction of the time of conventional methods.


Once assembled, you can begin the installation of your roofing and exterior facade. Concurrently, we complete the interconnection of the rough-in electrical and plumbing systems. Your project is then ready for your HVAC, drywall and final finishes.