At Blueprint Robotics, each project is truly unique. After having engineered and manufactured projects according to our customers' specifications, our expertly trained employees assemble them on our customers' foundations.

Below is a sample of pictures showing what our customers' projects look like when Blueprint Robotics' teams are in the process or have completed the process of assembly.

20170418_173955 (1).jpg

Single family home in Monkton, MD. Two floors, basement, and attached 3-car garage.

Attached single family town homes in Baltimore, MD. Both pictures show the scaffolding of the 5th home still up. The prior 4 town homes (to the right, black facade) have already been completed and finished by the customer.

Single family home with attached garage in Stevensville, MD. The left picture shows the Blueprint Robotics install team, scaffolding, and crane still on site during the assembly of the project.


Six attached carriage houses in Annapolis, MD. In phase two, six attached town homes are being added on the foundation seen on the first picture.


Single family home with detached carriage house in Pasadena, MD. The first picture shows the Blueprint Robotics scaffolding and crane still on site.

Two attached single family homes in Baltimore, MD. In the right picture, the Blueprint Robotics team is in the process of removing scaffolding after installing the core wall to the first of the two attached homes.