On-Site Installation


We ship on a standard 53 feet flatbed or drop deck. That’s an over-the-road traditional truck with no special permits required. We are not constrained by the width of a trailer.

We’ll come to your site prior to our installation to check your foundation for square and level. One or two days before our installation crew arrives, we’ll stage the site. We install a scaffold around the build which provides for both a safe and precise installation sequence. We bring our own crane and equipment, and even bring our own tenting for inclement weather.

We will have your project assembled and fully watertight significantly faster than is possible using traditional building methods. Over the ensuing several days we will complete our installation.

When our team leaves, you finish the facade and install your roofing material. The interior is ready for your mechanical contractor. Our finish team will complete the electrical and plumbing systems in advance of your drywall subcontractor. In the case of electrical, we’ll terminate directly to a standard 200 amp panel; you’ll need to connect the panel to the meter box. On the sewer and water side, we’ll stop right at the sewer hub so that your plumber will only need to make the final connection and install fixtures.

The Blueprint method conveniently conforms to your conventional construction loan. Once our assembly is completed, our work can be inspected by your construction lender in preparation for your typical draw.

Our third party inspection service performs all the closed wall inspections at our plant authorizing us to operate in your state. When we finish assembly, your local building inspector will recognize the inspection that was done at our production facility.