Greater Control, Fewer Headaches.


Blueprint Robotics will take on the most time consuming and frustrating parts of your construction process, greatly simplifying the way you do business.


In just a matter of days, we use our robotics to construct the wall, floor and roof elements of your project in a panelized form. These custom-made panels include exterior sheathing, windows and exterior doors, in-wall, plumbing, and electrical, along with accommodations for your HVAC, fire protection  and low voltage systems, and insulation.


Assembled on your foundation by our expertly trained employees, the structure will be up and weather tight in a matter of days. Once the structure is in place, you install your HVAC system.  Following the HVAC installation, the Blueprint Robotics team returns to connect the  in-wall utility systems back to the public service and finish the drywall to a ready to paint condition.