How We Build


At Blueprint Robotics, we’ll guarantee a price and a delivery date for your project. You’ll provide the finishing touches after we install a custom-built closed wall frame right onto your foundation. We can do this faster and less expensively than you do it today -- and do it with the best materials and the highest level of quality. 

What do we mean by “custom-built closed wall frame”? We mean: 

  • Exterior doors and windows
  • In-wall rough-in of 
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Provisions for your mechanical, fire protection, and low voltage systems
  • Exterior sheathing ready for any façade
  • Insulation

Getting Started


Once we have a set of design development drawings or a complete construction-ready set of documents, we will give you a preliminary price. 

Following review of your preliminary price and further scope definition, you will get a fixed bid from us with a set of contract drawings that reflect exactly that bid. You will understand what we are delivering to you on a fixed price and fixed timeline. We benchmark our delivery date based off the completion of your foundation. Following execution of a contract you will get a state approved set of drawings that are professionally stamped for you to use in application for your local building permit. 

Once the contract has been executed, we commence preparation of building permit drawings and machine files for our production process. Our 200,000 square feet production facility in Baltimore, Maryland has three separate production lines: the Wall Line, the Roof Line, and the Floor Line.